When to use Vous and Tu?

Vous or tu? One of the intriguing aspects of the French language is the distinction between "vous" and "tu," both of which translate to "you" in English. Understanding when and how to use these forms of address is crucial for navigating social interactions and demonstrating respect in French culture. In this article, we will [...]

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How to order in a restaurant in France?

How to order in a Restaurant in France? Are you planning a trip to France and looking forward to indulging in the delicious cuisine? Ordering food in French can seem intimidating, but with a few essential phrases, you'll be able to navigate any restaurant menu with ease. Here are some of the most useful [...]

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How to greet in French?

How to use greetings words in French? There are several ways to greet someone in French, depending on the level of formality and the time of day. Some common French greetings include "Bonjour," "Bonsoir," "Salut," "Coucou," "Bienvenue," "Bonne journée," "Bonne soirée," and "Bonne nuit." "Bonjour" is the most common and general way to say [...]

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How to start learning French?

I'm a total beginner, how shall I start learning? If you're just starting to learn French, there are a few steps you can take to get started: Familiarize yourself with the French alphabet and pronunciation: The French alphabet has 26 letters, but some of the letters are pronounced differently than they are in English. [...]

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How to prepare for the DELF?

How to prepare for the DELF? Are you preparing for the DELF? Here are few tips for you! Practice regularly: The more you practice your French skills, the better prepared you will be for the DELF. Make sure to set aside regular practice time to review grammar and vocabulary, as well as to practice [...]

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Study in France

Study in France Why choosing to study in France? France offers a reputable higher education system with many institutions in different international rankings such as the Times Higher Education, the Financial Times ranking or the Shanghai ranking. In particular, if you intend to undertake studies in mathematics or scientific research, France offers a lot [...]

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Experiencing Paris on our Little Red Dot

Experiencing Paris on our Little Red Dot Ever since the COVID-19 travel restrictions, we have not had the same opportunity to explore new cultures. Today, we are going on an adventure to the world's most romantic and coveted country in the world. What you are about to discover is not a substitute for the [...]

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